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Home / Articles / Pirates vs. Dodgers MLB Wednesday Night Player Prop

Pirates vs. Dodgers MLB Wednesday Night Player Prop

By: Jeff Hochman     Date: Jul 5, 2023
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The magic of baseball lies in its unpredictability, and yet, if there's one thing we can bank on, Freddie Freeman can step up his game. The Dodgers' superstar is a silent storm on the field, and this quiet consistency makes him a goldmine for savvy bettors.

Freeman has been steadily churning out impressive numbers this season, averaging 1.41 hits + runs and RBI overall. His home performance slightly trails at 1.2, but he more than compensates on the road with an impressive 1.61 average. And this isn't a flash in the pan!

Freddie Freeman has been a force to be reckoned with this season, batting his way through 85 games and leaving opposing teams in awe. Fans and analysts alike have been wondering how often the superstar player has gone over 1.5 hits + runs + RBI, and the answer is staggering. Freddie Freeman has achieved this impressive feat a whopping 56 times so far this season. That's over half of the games he's played! It's no wonder he's considered one of the best players in the league.

The hitting machine has gone Over 1.5 H+R+R in 8 of his past ten games and 13 of his last 20. Freeman went under 1.5 in last night's loss as Evan Phillips blew the save. Do note Freeman is 3-1 to the Over in his last four games after accumulating one H+R+R or less.

And let's not forget about Osvaldo Bido of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He's basically a two-pitch pitcher, throwing his fastball and slider a combined 90.3% of the time. The Dodgers are very big on analytics and should be prepared for a two-pitch pitcher that isn't overpowering.

What we have here, though, is data, statistics, and a consistent performer in Freddie Freeman. So, let's bring it home. We're picking the Over for Freeman based on his consistent performance, ability to bounce back, and impressive averages against Pittsburgh.

My Selection: Freddie Freeman Over 1.5 Hits + Runs + RBI (-155)


Hot Streaks
•  MLB 64-50-1 (57% for +$3866) Last 115
•  NFL 153-94-7 (62% for +$21057) Last 254
•  NFL 386-284-19 (58% for +$23590) Last 689
•  NBA 215-191-8 (53% for +$320) Last 414
•  All Leagues 696-532-26 (57% for +$50134) Last 1254
•  All Leagues 2108-1774-80 (55% for +$53919) Last 3962
•  NCAAF 49-29-3 (63% for +$10815) Last 81
•  All Leagues 968-717-40 (58% for +$57395) Last 1725
•  NHL 268-180-5 (60% for +$20908) Last 453
•  NHL 279-194-5 (59% for +$20613) Last 478
•  NFL 216-138-7 (62% for +$22515) Last 361
•  All Leagues 1031-792-40 (57% for +$55625) Last 1863
•  All Leagues 804-601-32 (58% for +$53483) Last 1437
•  NHL 177-128-2 (59% for +$16853) Last 307
•  All Football 176-113-10 (61% for +$27776) Last 299

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