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Home / Articles / Jeff's 2023 US Open Golf Selections

Jeff's 2023 US Open Golf Selections

By: Jeff Hochman     Date: Jun 13, 2023
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Anticipation Builds for the US Open Golf Championship: Jordan Spieth Could Lead the Pack at juicy 25-1 odds.

As one of the four major championships in professional golf, the US Open has cemented itself as one of the most sought-after competitions in the world, showcasing exceptional talent and fierce competition. It attracts top players from around the globe who are vying for glory, prestige, and a prestigious trophy along with a generous paycheck. Fans around the world tune in to witness some of the best golfing action as players strive to be crowned champion amidst intense rivalries and cutthroat competition. With its prestigious history and reputation, the US Open is renowned as one of the most thrilling events in professional sports.

This year's tournament is sure to be an exciting one, with many young and talented golfers competing against some of the most experienced and skilled veterans on the lush greens of Southern California. With all of the high-stakes action that's sure to take place, it promises to be an unforgettable event with plenty of nail-biting moments for spectators and players alike starting on Thursday.

One golfer who could lead the pack is Jordan Spieth, who has been pegged to win at juicy odds. Jordan has become a household name in the golfing world with three Majors titles under his belt. His remarkable performance at the US Open in 2015 has further established him as one of the best players out there. Jordan’s last Major win was at The Open (British) Championship in 2017.

Jordan Spieth comes into this US Open with high expectations and renewed confidence after an impressive streak of recent performances. Currently sitting at No. 10 in the world ranking, many believe this could be his moment to claim another major title. His odds of winning are currently 25-1, and his chances of landing in the top five are 5-1; these are two bets to consider.

With his remarkable ability to hit the ball with tremendous driving distance and accuracy with his iron play, it is hard to ignore the fact that he is a superior player on the golf course compared to most of his opponents. Aside from Spieth, other top players will be contending for that illustrious win.

As anticipation rises ahead of the start of this highly-anticipated event, speculation is rampant about who will come out on top. The six golfers who are the top betting choices for this event include Scottie Scheffler (+650), Jon Rahm (+1100), Brooks Koepka (+1200), Rory Mcllroy (+1300), Patrick Cantlay (+1700) and Viktor Hovland (+1700). All of them bring a unique combination of skill, experience and form that make them possible winners.

Despite some stiff competition, Jordan Spieth's unique playing style and unwavering determination may give him a slight edge over his rivals. His mental toughness, ability to stay focused under pressure, and adaptability to different courses are just some of the reasons why he is a favorite among golf enthusiasts. Additionally, his consistency in delivering top-notch performances in Majors increases his chances of achieving success in this tournament.


Jeff’s 2023 US Open Golf Selections:

Golf fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the 2023 US Open and Jeff's picks for the tournament. Jeff, a professional golf handicapper has carefully studied course conditions, player stats, and other factors to make his selections. If you're wondering which bets to make on this year's U.S. Open, here are two worth considering.

1*Jordan Spieth Top 5 Finish (5-1)

Jordan Spieth is a strong contender to finish in the Top 5, and betting odds have him at 5-1 to do so. His skill and experience from previous tournaments make him an attractive pick for those looking to place their bets on this competition. With his never-give-up attitude combined with his skillful execution on the course, Spieth is poised to stay ahead of the pack. This is my top pick!

½*Jordan Spieth to Win US Open (25-1)

Jordan Spieth is not one of the favorites to win this year's US Open, and with the odds set at 25-1, it's a great chance to turn a ginormous profit. Spieth has a history of success at major tournaments, and his recent form has been strong. He has all the skills and abilities necessary to make a run at a major title this year, so betting on him could be a wise decision. This line is ridiculous!


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