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Home / Articles / Dodgers vs. Braves MLB Monday Player Prop Selection (Freddie Freeman)

Dodgers vs. Braves MLB Monday Player Prop Selection (Freddie Freeman)

By: Jeff Hochman     Date: May 22, 2023
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As the Atlanta Braves and LA Dodgers prepare to face off in their upcoming MLB game, all eyes are on Freddie Freeman, the powerhouse first baseman who's been making waves with his impressive batting stats this season and throughout his career. Although Freeman's numbers have been fluctuating, there's one aspect that's remained consistent: his ability to perform exceptionally well against Charlie Morton, the starting pitcher for Atlanta.

In 15 at-bats against Morton, Freeman has a whopping .533 batting average, with two home runs under his belt. This is the kind of performance that has gamblers and sports enthusiasts alike buzzing with excitement. With a line of -135 for Freeman's Over 1.5 Hits, Runs and RBI combined, it's hard to resist the value. Charlie Morton had an ERA of 6.45 against the LA Dodgers last season. My Model continues to see value on this prop for Freddie Freeman, so lets ride with it. The true line should be closer to -150!

Freeman's overall batting stats have been impressive this season, with an average of 1.36 Hits, Runs and RBI, and a higher average of 1.48 on the road. Although his home game average is slightly lower at 1.23, it's clear that Freeman is a force to be reckoned with, regardless of the field. In the six games he's played against Atlanta, Freeman has averaged exactly 1.5 Hits, Runs, and RBI per game, further solidifying his position as a hitting machine. Extra motivation for Freddie playing against his former team.

Over the last 20 games, Freeman's average has dropped slightly, but it's important to note that he's still had more than 1.35 Hits, Runs, and RBI in all 20 games.

The key to Freeman's prop bet appeal lies in his head-to-head matchups against Charlie Morton. With a .533 batting average and a history of crushing the ball in Atlanta, there's no denying that Freeman has a unique edge when facing off against Morton. This, combined with his already impressive stats and recent performance uptick, makes the Over 1.5 combined on Freeman's Hits, Runs, and RBI an enticing option for those looking to make a calculated risk with their bets.

It's worth noting that while Freeman's performance is impressive, he's not the only player on the field. Other factors, like team dynamics, injuries, and individual matchups, can all play a role in determining the outcome of a game. That being said, Freeman's track record against Morton is hard to ignore, and it's a factor that could very well tip the scales in favor of the Over. The Dodgers have a run differential of +54, which ranks No. 4 in all of baseball.

As we approach the game between Atlanta and LA Dodgers, Freddie Freeman's combined Hits, Runs and RBI line of Over 1.5 -135 is a tempting choice, especially when considering his history against Charlie Morton. With his impressive batting stats, recent performance trends, and undeniable edge when facing Morton, it's hard not to get excited about the potential payoff of choosing the over. Don't forget, betting on teams, totals, and props, is all about finding an edge with value to support it. With Freddie Freeman's prop tonight, I believe we have it all! I like the Over 1.5 (-135) on his combined hits, runs, and RBI in tonight's (Monday) game.


Hot Streaks
•  MLB 71-57-1 (56% for +$4021) Last 129
•  NFL 153-94-7 (62% for +$21057) Last 254
•  NFL 386-284-19 (58% for +$23590) Last 689
•  NBA 216-191-8 (54% for +$620) Last 415
•  All Leagues 707-541-26 (57% for +$50884) Last 1274
•  All Leagues 2119-1783-80 (55% for +$54669) Last 3982
•  NCAAF 49-29-3 (63% for +$10815) Last 81
•  All Leagues 815-609-32 (58% for +$54353) Last 1456
•  All Leagues 979-726-40 (58% for +$58145) Last 1745
•  NHL 271-182-5 (60% for +$21203) Last 458
•  NHL 282-196-5 (59% for +$20908) Last 483
•  NFL 216-138-7 (62% for +$22515) Last 361
•  All Leagues 1042-801-40 (57% for +$56375) Last 1883
•  NHL 180-130-2 (59% for +$17148) Last 312
•  All Football 176-113-10 (61% for +$27776) Last 299

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