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About Us

Jeff Hochman of JH-Sportsline has reigned supreme in the sports betting world for over two decades. His exceptional sports analysis and predictions have earned him widespread acclaim among sports bettors worldwide. With unmatched expertise and industry know-how, he is the ultimate authority for all your sports betting needs.

Jeff is a highly respected figure in sports handicapping, boasting an impressive 25-year career. His exceptional success and remarkable writing skills on sports betting, ranging from horse racing to football, make him an invaluable asset. His expertise and professionalism are widely admired and highly esteemed by many in the industry.

Since 1998, Jeff has meticulously recorded his picks with The Sports Monitor of OK. He has had remarkable success in all four major sports, earning over 25 Top 20 rankings and becoming the 2005-06 NBA Handicapping Champion at The Sports Monitor of OK. Jeff is a seasoned and knowledgeable individual who can help improve your sports betting abilities. You can find numerous valuable sports betting articles on our website that can assist you in coming out on top. Jeff's expertise makes him an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their skills.

Jeff is a highly accomplished NHL handicapper, earning the championship title 8 times. During the 2019-20 season, he ranked first in both win percentage and net profit. Jeff also has a remarkable track record in NFL handicapping, ranking second in 2014, third in 2017 and 2018, and first in 2019 at The Sports Monitor of OK. His impressive 17-6 record demonstrated Jeff's talent during the 2022 NFL regular season, and he also ranked No. 1 in MLB two seasons ago (2021). To learn more about Jeff's accomplishments, visit The Sports Monitor of OK's archive section.

Jeff is a multi-sport expert in Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, and Horse Racing. He has a wealth of experience as the former Odds Manager for Picks Pal and takes his job seriously. He profoundly understands each sport and provides top-notch advice by paying attention to minor details.

Jeff is the person to turn to if you're looking to maximize your gains and minimize losses in betting scenarios. With his strong analytical skills, he creates effective strategies that can help you reap long-term financial rewards. Jeff is truly an invaluable asset for all your sports handicapping needs.

To succeed in sports betting, you must have good money management skills and make the correct picks. I rate my selections on a scale of 2 to 5 units, with my top-rated plays being 10 units across various sports such as NFL, College Football, NHL, NBA/College Hoops, and MLB. By following this approach, I have consistently generated profits over time.

If a play is rated 5 stars, it is considered a Best Bet. Games of the Month and Year are worth 10 units. For instance, if you bet $100 per unit and the line is -120, you would risk $360 to win $300 on a 3-unit play. Likewise, if you bet $500 per unit and the line is -110, you would bet $550 to win $500. For underdogs, it's crucial to reverse the odds.

If you need any assistance or have any inquiries, you may contact me via my mobile number, 949-940-5620, or email me at jhsportsline@yahoo.com anytime, as I am available 24/7/365. Additionally, you can follow me on Twitter using my username @jhsportsline.

Hot Streaks
•  MLB 71-57-1 (56% for +$4021) Last 129
•  NFL 153-94-7 (62% for +$21057) Last 254
•  NFL 386-284-19 (58% for +$23590) Last 689
•  NBA 216-191-8 (54% for +$620) Last 415
•  All Leagues 707-541-26 (57% for +$50884) Last 1274
•  All Leagues 2119-1783-80 (55% for +$54669) Last 3982
•  NCAAF 49-29-3 (63% for +$10815) Last 81
•  All Leagues 815-609-32 (58% for +$54353) Last 1456
•  All Leagues 979-726-40 (58% for +$58145) Last 1745
•  NHL 271-182-5 (60% for +$21203) Last 458
•  NHL 282-196-5 (59% for +$20908) Last 483
•  NFL 216-138-7 (62% for +$22515) Last 361
•  All Leagues 1042-801-40 (57% for +$56375) Last 1883
•  NHL 180-130-2 (59% for +$17148) Last 312
•  All Football 176-113-10 (61% for +$27776) Last 299

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